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WESLEY NIGHT is our opportunity to connect with friends, students, families of students, and alumni to celebrate how God is moving in the lives of college students through Wesley of Macon as we prepare for another year of ministry together!

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Amy Kenney, Class of 2006

“No matter what I did and how I was living my life, the people at Wesley loved me, reminded me who I was in Jesus, and pointed me to Jesus. I came to Mercer as a Christian and probably would not have grown in my faith and become who I am now without the influence of those who I knew and grew to love through Wesley Foundation.”

Kelsey Andrews, Class of 2018

“Wesley is a place where you will never fail to find unique and genuine people. People that will encourage you and love you and make it impossible to not open up and be comfortable. It’s a community you can worship, laugh, cry, and do life with.”

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What I loved about Wesley was the sense of intentional and inclusive community among everyone at Wesley, regardless of people’s status as Greek, non-Greek, freshman or fifth year senior, lifelong Christian or cautious doubter. I loved sharing meals together, serving together, hanging out at the Wesley House, and the campus minister’s virtually always open door. I could not have made it through college without the support that I got at Wesley! Wesley Foundation taught me to love others as God loves me, and this I carry with me even years later in my career serving some of the most underrepresented people in my city.

Claire Steinbeck

class of 2009

Wesley has been an answer to an unasked prayer. I didn’t know I needed it, but God did. And he led my footsteps to this house. I cannot express my thanks enough, both to God and to Wesley of Macon!

Justis Ward

class of 2017

Wesley matters because it is a place where everyone is welcome to come and fellowship with people that are loving, kind, and most importantly, children of Christ. God has used the Wesley Foundation to show me the power of outreach and love and how that can impact a student’s life forever. Wesley has allowed me to be a part of life change for numerous students.

Earl Ford

class of 2020

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