ABout WEsley

Our Mission

Wesley exists to challenge, inspire, and equip young adults to deepen their relationships with Jesus by creating space for worship, teaching, sacred practices, hard questions, and community for all regardless of background, religious experience, or convictions. Those who participate find safety to deconstruct, reconstruct, and grow their faith so they are more prepared to transform the world they encounter in Jesus name.

group of people sitting on ground with bonfire

Worship With Us

Most services feature scripture, worship music, a message relevant to college students, and opportunities for prayer and fellowship, but several times a year we interrupt this rhythm to experience something different and unique including Extended Worship Nights, Coffee House Worship, and special liturgical worship events.
Our all-campus worship meets on Tuesday nights at 8 pm from August to May. Preceding worship, we gather for pre-worship prayer at 7:15pm and to chill before worship at 7:40pm.
group of people sitting on ground with bonfire

GROWTH Discipleship

GROWTH Discipleship is an intentional one-on-one relationship with someone within the Wesley community for the purpose of growing in our relationships with God. At the heart of Jesus’ command to make disciples is a call to love God and to love others. Life with Jesus is more than a once in a while thing. It is a declaration followed by a life of purpose.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit living and speaking through our community, we explore what it means to follow Jesus together. By meeting regularly for conversations and prayer, we celebrate the work of God in lives and develop and strengthen habits of the mind, soul, and body that lead to a deeper relationship with Jesus. Apply today to be a part of a GROWTH Discipleship one-on-one relationship this semester!


Community Groups

Community groups are similar to family groups, but they focus on a central topic throughout the semester. They’re usually a group of 5-15 people that meets weekly to explore scripture, prayer, and special topics. Let us know below what you are interested in being a part of this semester!

Family Groups

We want to create safe spaces where you are able to grow and connect with the heart of God. Family Groups are groups of 3-8 people that are designed for you to build deeper relationships with God and one another. They are places of honesty, growth and love, and central to who we are as a community!

Women & Men

Our Women’s ministry events include our annual Paint Party, a women’s worship night, a High Tea Party, and making pottery with a local artisan.

Wesley’s Men’s Ministry events include playing disc golf at Lake Tobesofkee, a Fire and Meat (F.A.M.) Night, Game Nights at the Wes House, a semester-long DnD campaign, and more.


Brandon Tolle

Director & Campus Minister
About Brandon
Hi y’all. I’m Brandon Tolle, the Campus Minister of Wesley Foundation of Macon. My wife, MaryBeth, and I were married in 2006 and we have two fantastic kids, Eli and Ansley Jane. I have lived in or near Macon since 2004, and I am unbelievably excited to be back at my Alma mater.

I am a Mercerian (’07) and a graduate of Middle Georgia State University (Cochran campus, ’03). MaryBeth is a Wesleyanne (Golden Hearts of ’07) and a graduate of Mercer Law (’10). Without a doubt, we love Macon!

I deeply believe that God’s love is the ultimate theme of the Bible and as the body of Jesus Christ, expressing that love is the ultimate call of the church. God is calling us and empowering us by the Spirit to walk in freedom from sin, death, and shame while engaging the brokenness of the world with faith, hope, and love. Worshipping with, serving with, and discipling students in Macon through Wesley is a dream come true. I am excited to see how God uses us this year to build for the Kingdom together!

Sarah Hazelrig

Associate Director
About Sarah
Hey, I’m Sarah, the Assistant Director of Wesley of Macon! I lead community groups at Wesleyan and Middle Georgia State University, spend time with students throughout the week, and I help make sure that our ministry leaders have what they need to lead!

As a student at Wesley from 2014-2018, I learned so much about what it means to be loved by God and to experience the breadth and depth of God’s presence in Christian community. It changed my life, and now, I’m dedicated to making sure that college students and young adults are invited in to experience that same love!

I would love to get to know you better over coffee or a chat on the Wesley House front porch – don’t be a stranger! Let’s be friends.

Maggie Hatchett

3rd Year Ministry Coordinator

About Maggie

I graduated from Mercer in May of 2020 with a degree in Global Health and International Affairs. Wesley has always been a home for me while I have been in Macon. I have been able to make some of my greatest friends there and grow in my faith.

I took the opportunity to join the Wesley staff in August of 2020. As an associate, I work with discipling students and helping put on events with students on Mercer’s campus as well as Wesleyan and Middle Georgia. Our staff gets to work with our ministry team consisting of  college students from all campuses and help grow in faith and love.