April 10-17, 2022

Holy Week is the week leading up to Resurrection Sunday. During this week, we are intentional as a Christian community about following Jesus all the way to the cross.

Passover Meal

Join us at the Wesley House Monday at 6:30pm for a meal that will reenact the last supper in the upper room. RSVP by clicking the button below. Liturgy begins at 6:30pm with meal to follow.

Wesley Worship

On Tuesday night, come hang out at the Wesley House for Worship – we’ll gather at 7:45pm and begin at 8pm sharp!

During Holy Week every year, we are intentional about having an opportunity to practice hand-washing and foot-washing as a community. You are not required to participate, but this is a way that we take Jesus at his word and cultivate humility in serving one another. 

Tenebrae Service

We’ll gather at the Wesley House Wednesday at 7:30pm for a solemn worship service where we read and reflect on Christ’s journey to the cross. 

This is a service of shadows, designed to help us experience what it’s like when the light of the world goes out.

Golgotha Experience

Gather in the Wesley House prayer room for an hour-long musical experience of the Stations of the Cross, produced and performed by Poor Bishop Hooper. We will watch the recording together and reflect on Christ’s journey to Golgotha.

sign up at the wesley house