Who is Jesus?

This spring, Wesley staff are hosting Who is Jesus, a semester-long deep dive into the life of Jesus through the gospels of John & Mark. Why look so closely at who Jesus is? Because the more we seek him, the more we find him. And the more we find him, the more we love him.

Whether you’re new to faith or you’ve grown up learning about Jesus, this group is a chance to experience afresh the wonder of a God who came to earth to rescue, redeem, and restore his people!

This semester, Who is Jesus will meet at…

  • 3:30pm on Mondays with Brandon in the Wesley House
  • 3:30pm on Tuesdays with Sarah in the Wesley House
  • 1:20pm on Wednesdays with Sarah and Taylor in the downstairs of Wesleyan’s OSP

Who is Jesus is a Wesley Community Groups. These kinds of groups are similar to family groups, but they are open to anyone and focus on a central topic throughout the semester. They’re usually a group of 5-15 people that meets weekly to explore scripture, prayer, and special topics.