Gabby Luidens

Hey guys! I’m Gabby Luidens and I am a senior at Mercer. I will be one of the worship interns at Wesley this semester. I’m super excited to come back in the fall and see how God is going to work through the people of this ministry. I am passionate about worship and worship leading and am eager to see how that looks this semester.

Over the course of my time at Wesley I have served on the hospitality team, the discipleship team and the worship team. Each team has helped me grow in different ways and given me the opportunity to use my gifts and skills and get out of my comfort zone. This semester I will be focusing on worship. I lead worship at Wesley because worship is how I communicate with and feel closer to God and I want to be able to lead others into that same space and help them experience His presence through worship too.

Since being in college I have learned that God is faithful even in the little moments in life. It’s easy to get bogged down in the mundane and think that God is not working in your life or not using you for anything but that isn’t true. He is constantly working in and through you, you just have to be open to hearing his voice and being used.

You can connect with me on my Instagram. I use it alot so just dm me if you want to get to know me better or learn more about worship at Wesley. You can also just approach me in person I promise I’m friendly!